What My Teen Did to Prepare for Independence Part 1

Preparing Teens for Independence

Preparing Teens for Independence

How could I help my son prepare for independence? 4 years of high school is just NOT enough time! That’s how I felt when my kid reached 9th grade. 

I had 4 years to get him ready, so we did!

My #1 goal in preparation for independence was that my son be able to govern himself. Self-government covers many areas, but here are some that we worked on.

(BTW- This post is heavy-laden with links to 7 Sisters curriculum- that is because these are the courses developed for the needs in our homeschool community and taught there for decades. These courses are specifically designed not to waste time with busywork, be level-able, encourage thinking and creativity, and leave the teens actually LIKING the subject. We developed it, we use it, we love it!)

1) Respect for himself and others

Goal to prepare for independence: Be able to monitor himself and perspective-take regarding others, to understand the developmental processes that affect how people think and behave.

We reviewed and rehearsed social skills that he learned as a kid.

We worked on perspective taking and understanding himself and others. (Human Development and Psychology).

2) Thinking skills

Goal to prepare for independence : To think for himself, to think wisely, to think in context of history and the world around him as well as thinking in out-of-the-box ways.

He worked on Critical Thinking (7 Sisters text coming) and 2 philosophy courses (History and Philosophy of the Western World, and Introduction to Philosophy in 4 Questions. 

3) Faith

Goal to prepare for independence: To be able, in his own terms and understanding, to defend the faith, to study Scripture for himself, and to have a strong relationship with God

Apologetics- He LOVED Good Answers Ministries’ (FREE) Apologetics course. He learned so much about why we believe what we believe and how to talk about it from this course.

Hermeneutics (in his Critical Thinking course)- He learned to apply hermeneutical skills to his regular Scripture reading

Prayer- The most important way to teach prayer is to model it. Then occasionally supply some tools to help him enrich his prayer life. We did this with 7Sisters Prayer Journals (which had interactive, out-of-the box prayer activities).

Worship- Since he played on worship team at church, we really leaned into this. He watched lots of DVD series, as well as researching and writing his final 2 10-page research papers on the topic.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Preparation for Independence.

Preparing Teens for Independence

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