Transcript Checklist: Great Tweaks for College-Attractive Transcripts

Here is our transcript checklist (great tweaks for college-attractive transcripts!):

Tweaks for College-Attractive Transcripts

Transcript Checklist: Great Tweaks for College-Attractive Transcripts

Got a college-bound teen? Getting a little nervous?

That’s okay. We 7Sisters are here to help. We’ve helped hundreds of local homeschool high schoolers through graduation and have learned a few tricks for creating college-attractive transcripts.

You know college admissions officers are busy people with thousands of applications to review each year. Each applicant only receives a brief look-over so you want to make sure that you have included what they need to see.

So here is a homeschool transcript checklist. You can use it to tweak your student’s transcript to make it more college-attractive.

___Make sure identifying information is easy to find (and correct). Don’t miss the most obvious tip! Name needs to be complete and spelled correctly, along with birthdate and school address.

___Include levels of rigor on core courses (Language Arts, Maths, Science, History). Many colleges want to know the difficulty level of core courses. Here is a post to tell you how to do decide the rigor of your homeschool high schoolers’ courses.

___Break down courses by year, go in the same course order each year. Include a section on the transcript for each grade. We record our courses in this order but there is not one correct order of course, but once you set the pattern in 9th grade, follow it each year.

___Make sure you show not only the grade but the academic year for each school year. For instance: 9th Grade 2016-17; 10th Grade 2017-18, etc.

___Don’t leave out elective courses! Give them a good title, these give transcripts the SPARKLE they need. College admissions officers often say they are looking for courses with *Sparkle* or *Pop*!

___Show that your teen has developed an interest by including several (or more) courses on the same topic. Electives are good for this.

___Include sections for extracurriculars and service and the years in which those activities were participated. If you’re wondering how to differentiate electives from extracurricular activities, read this post.

___Include a section for awards won, including the year. 

___Include a legend or key. Specify how the levels of rigor were decided. Make it brief (keep backup material in a Master Portfolio).

___Identify who is *signing off* or guaranteeing the verity of the transcript. Is mom the principal or is there an advisor who will verify the transcript?

You’ll be glad you did!

Click here to read more about what colleges look for on a transcript.

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Transcript Checklist: Great Tweaks for College-Attractive Transcripts


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