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Making Great Use of Family Gatherings and Homeschooling

So many family gatherings are coming up. Thanksgiving has just passed, December is upon us, and many homeschoolers are looking at the calendar and wondering exactly how many more school days and official school activities they will be able to fit in with the holidays taking center stage. Why not use family gatherings for some…

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Homeschool Trivia for Christmas Break 7SistersHomeschool.com

Homeschool Trivia for Christmas Break

1. Which of the U.S. Presidents depicted on Mt. Rushmore were homeschooled?

2. What famous television sitcom family was homeschooled? (hint: the daughter was named for a day of the week)

3. In what year was the word “homeschool” added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary?

4. On what game show did a homeschooled boy win $10,000.00 in 2005?
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