3 Powerful Reasons Why Speech is One of the Best Courses for Homeschool High School

I know they might rather die than do it, but your high schoolers REALLY need to do this: Speech is one of the best courses for homeschool high school!

3 Powerful Reasons Why Speech is a Powerful Course for Homeschool High School 7SistersHomeschool.com This post explains 7SistersHomeschool's High School Public Speaking curriculum.

Speech is One of the Best Courses for Homeschool High School

I’m an introvert and so are most of my 5 kids, that’s why I was shocked years ago when my second son asked to learn about speech. He was enjoying studying politics and thought some public speaking would help him with a little Career Exploration in that direction.

It was a big stretch for us both, but we worked together and started a speech and debate team for our local homeschool organization. That team is starting its 15th year now and continues to grow in size. Our local homeschool high schoolers have learned something important: Speech is One of the Best Courses for Homeschool High School.

Public Speaking in High School is Great College Prep 7SistersHomeschool.com Homeschool high schoolers are better prepared for college with a Speech curriculum.

Here are the 3 powerful reasons why:  

1) College Interviews:
One of the most useful things our homeschool speech team teens have done in Junior and Senior Years is to visit the staff in the department for the major they want in college (not simply a general college admissions advisor- although that is useful, too). These advisors are always impressed by the articulateness of our local teens- and SOMETIMES have *found* a few extra scholarships.

Because of the practice of thinking and speaking on the fly, the speech team homeschoolers have not been intimidated by the questions from the college staff. (BTW- The curriculum we’ve been using all these years is being released by 7 Sisters! Watch on WEDNESDAY for how to get your copy!)

2) Life Preparation:
There’s no escape, really. EVERYONE will need to speak in public sometime in life. Whether it is Sunday school teaching, giving oral presentations in college, presenting a proposal at work, public speaking WILL come. Taking Speech in homeschool high school is great preparation for life.

3) Job Interviews:
Speech in high school is mostly about becoming comfortable with speaking to anyone, anytime, anywhere- and not having a heart attack! The skills learned in Speech are the types of skills useful in job interviews (especially in 7 Sisters Speech curriculum, which has lessons on interview skills!)

Public Speaking and Practical Life Skills from 7 Sisters Homeschool
Click image for full details.

So, don’t sweat! Your homeschool high schoolers can learn public speaking and not die from it 🙂  


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Speech is One of the Best Courses for Homeschool High School

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Blogger, curriculum developer at 7SistersHomeschool.com, counselor, life and career coach, SYMBIS guide, speaker, prayer person. 20+year veteran homeschool mom.

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  1. I, too, am an introvert. I could probably get by teaching speech to my own kids, but the prospect of doing so at a co-op is rather intimidating. I suffered my way through a college course but that does not qualify me as a teacher of the subject. Is this curriculum straightforward for someone like me to get through… evaluations, answering students’ questions,…?”

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