Middle School Guide to Essay Writing

Essay writing in middle school is an essential skill for homeschoolers.

Geared to give your student a successful experience, Middle School Guide to Essay Writing, by Marilyn Groop, will introduce essays to your homeschool in this user-friendly, no-busywork format.

Presented in a 10-week, 4 days per week, format this downloadable pdf  guide will teach your homeschooler the steps to writing a coherent essay. It teaches:

-Basic essay format

-Persuasive essays

-Literary analysis

-Compare/contrast essays

-Editorials/letters to the editor

-Tips for taking a short-answer essay test

The Guide includes 3 essay rubrics that you can use to grade the essays, as well as an answer key to the short-answer essay test.

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Even reluctant writers can build a strong skill set for essay-writing with a curriculum that breaks the process into manageable steps and doesn’t waste their time with busywork. The logical thinking process behind a well-written essay is not intuitive to most kids; Middle School Guide to Essay Writing presents the process in a friendly, conversational style that wins over even a student who says, “I don’t know what to write!!”

Lay a firm foundation for

Essay Writing in Middle School.


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Essay Writing Middle School