High School Literature & Composition 1B: Introduction to High School Literature & Composition: Part B

Your homeschooling high schoolers should  build their confidence in their literature  & composition skills. If they have not had much experience with literature guides and high school-level writing, Introduction to High School Literature & Composition: Part B is a great place to start!

This one-semester guide (the second semester following Introduction to High School Literature & Composition: Part A), will guide your high schooler to solid language arts skills.

The literature & composition guides included in this downloadable text will inform and inspire your homeschooling high schoolers without boring or burdening them with busywork.

Literature guides contain brief background information, important literature terms and themes, vocabulary and comprehension questions; NEVER enough to kill your teens’ enjoyment of the book.

Composition guides contain short 15-minute daily lessons that teach half of the writing skills needed in first year high school (or advanced 8th graders). The lessons contain brief information and instruction and assignments. Rubrics for grading are included.

Both the literature guides and the composition guides are good for self-instruction, as well as family or co-op classes.

Included in this curriculum are two composition guides and five literature guides (these are also found individually in the 7 Sisters store).

The composition guides include:

Introduction to High School Poetry Writing (Even students who don’t like poetry will benefit from writing poems. Poetry-writing skills improve word-usage and creativity in other papers.)

MLA Research Writing Guide (High schoolers need to learn MLA research paper style! It is the most common college-style research paper.)

Also included are five literature study guides to accompany the reading of:

British Poetry (A light-hearted look at British poetry, without bogging students down on heavy, archaic works.)

Joni (The inspiring story of Joni: her accident that confined her to a wheelchair, God’s work in her life, and God’s work through her life.)

The Hiding Place (The powerful autobiography of Corrie ten Boom and her trials surviving a Nazi prison camp.)

Les Miserables -the abridged version (This classic book has inspired generations!)

A Separate Peace (The compelling novel about young men fighting in World War I.)

Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen’s delightful novel of manners.)

Give your homeschooling high schooler some non-threatening but powerful tools for literature reading and writing. Download  Introduction to High School Literature & Composition: Part B today!

Click here to view an excerpt from Introduction to High School Literature & Composition: Part B.

You can find the books you need to accompany the Literature guides in this resource at your local library, or if you’d like to order new or used copies of these classics, JUST CLICK HERE.

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