Hymns and Creeds Study Guide

Hymns and Creeds Study Guide

Hymns have provided powerful poetry for Christians over the centuries.

Creeds (statements of belief) have attempted to build the knowledge and unity of the church the world over.

This study guide by Sabrina Justison helps you get the most out of a study of great hymns of the Christian church and creeds believers have esteemed for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Literature study guides from 7Sisters Homeschool inspire students rather than tire them with busywork that kills the material.

Instead of attempting to examine every element of a literary work on the first reading, our study guides choose two or three respected literary devices and use them as a focal point.

Our guides are easy to adapt for use at an:

  • Average High School
  • College Prep
  • Honors Level

This study guide contains a chronological list of beloved hymns, and students are helped to examine the lyrics of these hymns as poetry, to analyze 5 titles in depth, and to respond personally to the hymns they have chosen. Studying The Apostles’ Creed and The Nicene Creed help students understand the purpose of capturing in words the fundamental truths of faith in Christ and the potential for the cultivation of unity among believers found in the memorization and recitation of these creeds.

What great things for Christian teens (and adults) to dig into!

Hymns and Creeds Study Guide

Focuses on the following literary devices:

  • poetry
  • credal statements

The suggested writing assignments:

  • compare and contrast
  • explore poetic expression
  • encourage personal application and response

This NO-busywork study guide enriches the reading of the book for your homeschooled high school student.

Hymns and Creeds Study Guide

is an EBook curriculum complete with:

  • background information
  • chronological list of famous hymns from several periods of history
  • discussion questions by section
  • suggested writing assignments
  • supplemental activities
  • answer key

This product downloads as two separate PDF files. One file is intended for student use. This document contains fillable fields so students can type their answers directly into the guide. The other document is the answer key, intended for the parent.

Click here to view an excerpt from Hymns and Creeds Study Guide.

No additional book is needed to complete this study guide; all reading material is included or may be accessed via recommended internet sites.

Review from Gena at Music in our Homeschool:

I was impressed with this short study guide. There are 3 things I like in particular

  1. It covers a subject of literature often left out by most teachers. Students will do literary analysis of hymns and creeds.
  2. It can be completed fairly quickly–in my opinion, 2 weeks if they work steadily and a month if the student puts more in-depth time and study into it.
  3. It can help a student in their faith walk by analyzing the words of the hymns and creeds of godly Christian men and women.

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