Activity Guide: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Elementary Literature Activity Guide

The Very Hungry Catepillar (Author: Eric Carle)

Literature Activity Guide by Wayne Thorp

Readability Level: 2nd grade NOTE: this guide is designed for early readers who may or may not be able to read all the words in this book. This guide may help them be able to do so.

Synopsis: On a Sunday morning, a very hungry caterpillar hatches from its egg. It eats its way through the week snacking on all kinds of foods. The next Sunday it builds itself a house; it hatches again — but not as a caterpillar!

 Phonics component: Short vowel words

Comprehension skills: Sequencing, Number words, and Days of the week. Bonus Skill included!

The Elementary Activity Guides are by Wayne Thorp, a veteran elementary school teacher with over Wayne portraitthirty years experience teaching grades one through three. He is the father of three K-12 home schooled children (now grown).

Each activity guide includes:

Story Elements: Children identify elements common to all fictional stories.

Phonics / Grammar: Students practice a skill with a sorting activity using words from the story itself (plus a few others thrown in, for good measure).

Vocabulary: Young readers learn new words using the “Roll’em & Read’em” activity sheet.

Comprehension: Children develop their skills using an activity sheet based on the book.

Research: Students are encouraged to further study topics related to the story.

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