History and Philosophy of the Western World


World History High School Curriculum

Why would a homeschooled high schooler want to study History and Philosophy of the Western World? (formerly titled: World History and Philosophy. Only the title has changed; content has remained unedited.)

Because philosophers run the world (well, often a generation after they pass away).  Christian teens need to understand the philosophies that have driven world culture and politics since ancient times.  This prepares them to help create new philosophic ideas that can change the world!

History and Philosophy of the Western World:

  • is a homeschool World History high school curriculum.
  • is a homeschool high school World Philosophy course.
  • covers some important movements in church history, so that teens can note the impact of the faith on the world of philosophers.

History and Philosophy of the Western World is a 1 credit etext (downloadable pdf) written in a friendly, conversational style that helps homeschoolers discover the ways that philosophers have impacted their world since before the ancient Greeks – and the ways the world has impacted the philosophers. It adds a fresh history approach to a lively homeschool transcript!

Written by 7 Sister Vicki Tillman and her oldest son, Dr. Micah Tillman (philosophy instructor at Mt. Saint Mary’s University and  McDaniel College), History and Philosophy of the Western World has been used as textbook for local homeschool classes for years.

This is a user-friendly, college-prep text. It has 30 short, no-busywork chapters with:

  • pictures and maps (so that it is not boring to read)
  • vocabulary and new concepts in sidebars to help facilitate learning
  • comprehension questions for each chapter that help students test their knowledge and begin to develop philosophic thinking skills
  • tests
  • answer keys
  • a final applying-what-you-learned paper with grading rubric
  • instructions on how to raise the level of this 1 credit college-preparatory course to advanced or honors levels (to add power to the high school transcript and richness of experience)

This fun and thought-provoking World History high school curriculum may be completed by a homeschooling high schooler with or without parental support.  It also works well with homeschool group classes.

Topics covered in History and Philosophy of the Western World that are favorites with various homeschoolers include:

Ancient Greece, Ancient Turkey, and the Natural Philosophers

The Miletans

Ancient Italy and its Philosophers

Early Greek Philosophy

Early Athens and the Sophists

Greece Versus Persia




Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Philosophers


The Middle Ages

St. Augustine

St. Thomas Aquinas

Early Church Reformers

The Renaissance

The Reformation Across Europe

The Baroque Period and Rene Descartes

British Empiricists

The Rationalists and the French Revolution

Immanuel Kant

The Romantic Philosophers and Georg Hegel

The Industrial Revolution

Kierkegaard and Existentialism

The Revolutionary Philosophers- Darwin and Marx

Twentieth Century Philosophers

Twenty-first Century Philosophers

Help your homeschooler earn transcript credit with this useful and fun World History high school curriculum – integrate History and Philosophy and get ready to change the world!


Click here To view an excerpt from History and Philosophy of the Western World.

You will receive 3 .pdf files:

  • the text
  • tests
  • answer key

What are homeschool parents saying about History and Philosophy of the Western World? (formerly titled: World History and Philosophy; only the name has changed – the content is the same!)

“This fall my daughter utilized the Chronicles of Narnia for the first semester as well as the World History and Philosophy. Both courses provided questions that went beyond “give me the details of the story” and required her to think. She needed to provide supporting material for her answers. In addition, these courses have improved her writing and knowledge of the bible.” – Jeanette S.


World History high school curriculum