British Literature: A Full-Year High School Course

British Literature High School Curriculum

One-year study guide collection will provide your student with a college-prep level British Literature high school course. It can also be adapted to honors level using the easy-to-follow suggestions in the “how to use this curriculum” introductory material.

You will receive two zip files. One is for the student and contains the introduction to British Literature and the study guides for nine books. These files contain fillable form fields so that your student can answer the questions right on his/her computer. The other zipped file is for the parent. It also contains the introduction to British Literature, along with the Parent Information & Answer Key file for each study guide.

British Literature comes complete with study guides for nine books, each including background information, vocabulary, supplemental ideas, and answer keys for each guide. This book includes study guides written by Dr. Gerald Culley, Sabrina Justison, and Vicki Tillman. 

British Literature High School titles covered by these study guides include: 

Click any of the above titles to view excerpts from the study guides.

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NOTE: The British Literature books must be obtained separately; this British Literature high school curriculum is comprised of the STUDY GUIDES ONLY to accompany the reading of the books themselves. Most titles can be found in your local library, or JUST CLICK HERE if you’d like to order new or used copies of these classics.

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