Apologetics 101 – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation

Apologetics 101, the first in a series of FREE Apologetics lessons for homeschool high schoolers and homeschool co-ops.

Is there really a God? How can we know?

Find out more with Dr. Gerald R. Culley in this Good Answers Apologetics Presentation!

Dr. Gerald Culley has a ministry to young believers. Statistically, they are at risk: two-thirds of them will leave the church by age 20, largely because of secret doubts about the Bible. He offers a series of PowerPoint voice-over lectures on how archaeology, history and science support our faith in Scripture.

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All Good Answers Ministries Apologetics Presentations are available now on YouTube for smoothest delivery of the PowerPoint slides and voice-over narration. If you prefer to have a printed transcript of the narration, email Dr. Culley directly at drjerryc4@yahoo.com.

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Apologetics 101 – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation