High School Writing Bundle 3: Advanced Guide to High School Writing second edition

Help your homeschooler advance to college-prep writing skills!

7Sisters Advanced High School Curriculum for Writing gives your more-experienced (11th or 12th grade) high schoolers the tools to take their skills to a college-ready level. (Click here to see if our Intermediate Guide to High School Writing would be a better fit for your student. Or click here to see if our Introductory Guide to High School Writing would be the best place for your student to start.)

This 4-part high school curriculum for writing includes:

Advanced Guide to High School Poetry Writing by Vicki Tillman

Advanced Guide to High School Essay Writing by Marilyn Groop

Advanced Guide to High School Short Story Writing by Vicki Tillman

MLA Research Paper Guide by Allison Thorp and

(See the descriptions of each e-text below.)

This clearly explained course requires little work for the homeschooling parent and NO busywork for the homeschooler. Instead, each of the daily, simple lessons can be completed with little or no input from mom and gives the student lots of opportunities to find success in a self-directed manner.

By purchasing this “bundled” etext, you save money and have all of your writing curriculum in one handy file for on-screen use or to print if you prefer.

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Don’t overlook poetry writing in your homeschooling high schooler’s curriculum. Poetry teaches concise and creative use of words and thoughts- an absolutely necessary life skill! Christian homeschoolers who learn to use words well can feel confident as God calls them to any area of work or service.

Poetry is a delightful tool for helping homeschoolers learn to communicate powerfully. Writing poetry teaches teens to use their words powerfully, concisely, and beautifully- a useful thing for those who want to learn to communicate their faith well or write a sparkling college essay.

For the homeschooler who is ready for additional poetry writing experience, Advanced Guide to High School Poetry Writing is an enjoyable way to build with the power and fun of words.

Creativity flourishes with poetry writing in high school!

Presented in a user-friendly, conversational manner with no-busy work but lots of good examples, this guide makes it easy for high schoolers to complete their poetry writing assignments with little or no help.

In this 50-page downloadable .pdf Advanced Poetry Writing Guide by Vicki Tillman, homeschoolers learn to capture the poetic ideas of:






Poetry is intimidating to many students and to some homeschooling parents as well, but poetic language and expression become accessible and fun with Vicki’s poetry writing curriculum guides. Explore poetry and give your homeschooling teen an opportunity for fun and growth in word power!

Click here to view an excerpt from Advanced Guide to High School Poetry Writing:

Give your homeschoolers the tools they need for some great poetry writing.


Teens don’t need busywork in their writing assignments. Especially as they near graduation, what students need is an essay writing high school curriculum that hones their thinking and writing skills and builds their confidence.

Give your homeschooler the tools he/she needs to write for life with this downloadable pdf e-text!

Homeschooling high schoolers need to be able to communicate their thoughts in a clear and persuasive manner. Marilyn Groop’s Advanced Guide to High School Essay Writing ushers high schoolers through skills that will help them defend their Christian faith, write college-ready literary analysis, and (very important)  construct a powerful SAT or ACT essay.

Advanced Guide to High School Essay Writing gives 10 weeks of self-guided lessons with LOTS of great instruction and NO useless busywork or overwhelming overteaching. Editing checklist and rubrics are included.

Here are the topics covered:

-Essay Format

-Persuasive Essay

-The Compare/Contrast Essay

-Fiction Literary Analysis

-Non-Fiction Literary Analysis

-Writing An Editorial/Letter to the Editor

-The Essay Essay

-Editing Checklist

-Avoiding Sentence Fragments

-Commonly Used Rubric and Editorial/Letter to the Editor Rubric

Give your teen the skills to communicate now, in college, and in life!


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Even reluctant writers can build a strong skill set for essay-writing with a curriculum that breaks the process into manageable steps and doesn’t waste their time with busywork. The logical thinking process behind a well-written essay is not intuitive to most kids; Advanced Guide to High School Essay Writing presents the process in a friendly, conversational style that wins over even a student who says, “I don’t know what to write!!”

Lay a firm foundation with our Essay Writing High School Curriculum

See if curriculum from 7Sisters’ veteran homeschool moms can make a positive difference in your homeschool.



Powerful and meaningful communication happens when homeschooling high schoolers think creatively. As C.S. Lewis says, “Creativity is our soul’s organ of meaning.”

Release that powerful communication in your teen with 7Sisters high school short story writing curriculum.

Homeschoolers can enjoy a powerful creative experience by writing a short story in the myth-fantasy format (the genre of The Chronicles of Narnia  by C.S. Lewis and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien). By following the myth-fantasy “formula” familiar to the story tellers of ancient times and modern writers like Lewis, teens will sharpen their creative skills while thinking about friendships, different kinds of people, and ideas worth fighting for (like their faith).

Advanced Guide to Short Story Writing: Myth-Fantasy by Vicki Tillman, a 36-page downloadable .pdf e-text, ushers homeschoolers with a substantial  short story experience through a delightful 5-week process of high school short story writing that includes how-to’s and a grading rubric:

Week 1: What is Myth-Fantasy?

Week 2: “Getting-Started Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story

Week 3: “Make-it-Happen Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story

Week 4: “Closing Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story

Week 5: Pulling the Myth-Fantasy Story Together

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10-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee on all 7 Sisters EBook curriculum.

Give your homeschooling high schooler the creative tools he/she needs for  more meaningful communication!



There is NO escape from the research paper!

However, your homeschooler can feel equipped and empowered to produce a powerful and interesting paper- and be ready to ace Freshman Composition when the time comes.

What you need is no-busywork, friendly-toned research paper curriculum for high school.

Research papers are a necessary of homeschool education. Young people need to be able to capture and organize ideas, communicate with written words, and create citations and reference pages.

This 38-page downloadable pdf guide by Allison Thorp will lead your student through the research paper process from topic choice through final draft, culminating in an MLA style paper with proper citations.  The process is broken down into manageable sections with lots of advice and direction for each.  MLA Research Paper Writing Guide teaches necessary skills with no unnecessary busywork.

This guide is adaptable for grades 7-12 and for papers of various lengths.  Included in the guide are:

-helpful tips for the teacher

-suggested schedules


-sample grading rubric


Using this research paper curriculum for high school with our own students and hundreds in our local homeschool community over the years, we have seen success with writers of every variety.

From those who love to write, to those who cry, “I don’t know know what to write!” Allison’s friendly, easy-to-follow steps of instruction and the manageable pieces into which she breaks the research writing process result in papers completed and students encouraged.

There is no escape from the research paper, so give your homeschooler the tools for a successful research paper experience!

Click here to view an excerpt from Research Paper Writing Guide.


My son, a junior, is actually enjoying writing with your program! He is working on the Essay section now. Thank you so much! -JC, Facebook comment

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