Advanced Guide to High School Short Story Writing: Myth-Fantasy second edition

Short Story Writing: Myth-Fantasy (2nd edition)

Powerful and meaningful communication happens when homeschooling high schoolers think creatively. As C.S. Lewis says, “Creativity is our soul’s organ of meaning.”

Release that powerful communication in your teen with 7Sisters high school short story writing curriculum.

Homeschoolers can enjoy a powerful creative experience by writing a short story in the myth-fantasy format (the genre of The Chronicles of Narnia  by C.S. Lewis and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien). By following the myth-fantasy “formula” familiar to the storytellers of ancient times and modern writers like Lewis, teens will sharpen their creative skills while thinking about friendships, different kinds of people, and ideas worth fighting for (like their faith).

Advanced Guide to Short Story Writing: Myth-Fantasy by Vicki Tillman, a 36-page downloadable .pdf e-text, ushers homeschoolers with a substantial  short story experience through a delightful 5-week process of high school short story writing that includes how-to’s and a grading rubric:

Week 1: What is Myth-Fantasy?

Week 2: “Getting-Started Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story

Week 3: “Make-it-Happen Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story

Week 4: “Closing Ingredients” of a Myth-Fantasy Story

Week 5: Pulling the Myth-Fantasy Story Together

Click here to view an excerpt from Advanced Guide to Short Story Writing.

Give your homeschooling high schooler the creative tools he/she needs for more meaningful communication!


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