Activity Guide: Literature Activity Guide for The Reason for a Flower

This wonderful favorite is a powerful way to introduce your early elementary-aged homeschoolers to biology and science in the world around them! This delightful book is good literature and 7Sisters Literature Activity Guide for The Reason for a Flower guides younger elementary students through developmentally-appropriate phonics and comprehension skills.

Literature Activity Guide for The Reason for a Flower is designed to teach and/or reinforce necessary skills for students who are in the process of learning to read. Each guide helps young readers practice individual skills while maintaining an appreciation of the literature. Good readers love reading!

NOTE: It is important to introduce non-fiction books to children early in the reading process. By the time a student is in the upper elementary grades, most of the learning materials will be non-fiction (think math, science, social studies).

Synopsis: A science lesson in a picture book? YES! The author explains, and the book vividly illustrates, why plants have flowers. She also shows the uses of a flower – to the plant, and to people.

7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides include:

  • Phonics component: short vowel sounds
  • Comprehension skill: Author’s Purpose, and Sequencing
  • Phonics/grammar component: a sorting activity helps students practice this skill with words from the story itself (with a few others thrown in, for good measure)
  • Vocabulary: The “Roll’em and Read’em” activity sheet provides practice.
  • Comprehension skill and concentration: A unique activity sheet focuses on this skill within the context of the book.
  • Research element – Encourage your child to further study topics related to the book.

NOTE: This is a non-fiction book. The Story Elements activity is not appropriate since there are no characters, setting or plot!

The Elementary Activity Guides are by Wayne Thorp, a veteran elementary school teacher with over thirty years experience teaching grades one through three. He is the father of three K-12 home schooled children (now grown).Wayne portrait

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