Why I Love Homeschool Co-ops

Here’s the story of why I like homeschool co-ops.

Homeschool Co-ops

Homeschool Co-ops

I found out early that I was not the Queen of Condensation.

It happened as I was holding a glass over the steam streaming from our tea kettle. I was impressed that droplets of water were obediently massing on the drinking glass- thus proving that I was a good science teacher to my third-grade son.

Introductory Guide to High School Short Story Writing - The Family Narrative by 7 Sisters Homeschool
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Then I looked at his face. He was off in space somewhere. I just did not have the pizzazz he needed to inspire a love of condensation.
Next thing I knew, I was processing the trauma with our local homeschool support group’s VP (I was president at the time). I was admiring how much more interested her kids were in science than mine- because she liked science experiments.

On the other hand, I liked creative writing. Hey, maybe we could share! Before we knew it, we had talked ourselves into a learning co-op and that was what I was teaching the high schoolers.

History and Philosophy of the Western World from 7SistersHomeschool.com
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Over the next 18 years, the co-op grew and evolved and then became part of an umbrella school. These things have been cool for my kids. They have had groovy experiences educationally and made lifelong friends. Here are a few of the courses I’ve had the opportunity to teach our teens over the years: History and Philosophy of the Western World, Human Development, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Speech, APA Research Paper and Career Exploration (among others).

I entered the community experience wanting something more for my kids educationally. That happened- but the true gift to me is that I have made lots of friends- friends good enough to pray with, cry with, laugh with, field-trip with. I have been gifted with many sisters. THAT’S why I love homeschool co-ops!

Homeschool Co-ops

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