Hurricane Joaquin and Homeschool- 4 Ways to Make it a Learning Experience

We’re looking at bad weather here in the mid-Atlantic region. But we’re homeschoolers so we’ll make it educational.

Hurricane Joaquin and Homeschool-4 Ways to Make it a Learning Experience from 7 Sisters Homeschool

Hurricane Joaquin and Homeschool- 4 Ways to Make it a Learning Experience

The weather service is trying to predict how much hurricane weather we are going to get in our area. Having grown up in Florida, I learned early how to prepare for wind and rain. So when hurricanes hit our mid-Atlantic region we incorporate preparation into our homeschool lessons.

So, here’s Hurricane Joaquin and homeschool- 4 ways to make it a learning experience

  1. Intercession: While we might have some messy hurricane weather, it is not likely to be as tough on us as it is for our friends in the Caribbean. It is important to take some time together and pray for safety and encouragement for those already in the storm.
  2. Hurricane preparedness: When my kids were young, we didn’t have anything as simple as this- we just had to remember. NOW you can simply download a hurricane preparedness checklist. Get one for each kid, discuss what is important for your family on the list and why. Involve the kiThe Chronicles of Narnia Literature Guides for High School-Complete Set from 7 Sisters Homeschoolds in the preparation.
  3. Earth Science lessons: Great time for a unit study on hurricanes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has some good information. Like Comparing Hurricane Categories and Watches and Warnings.
  4. Read some great books together: Now, settle down and read some great books together. The whole family will be inspired by another visit to The Chronicles of Narnia. The lessons in courage and character in these books are good for homeschoolers of all ages. Homeschool high schoolers can particularly benefit from the lessons in theology and philosophy that C.S. Lewis embedded throughout the Chronicles. Download our Chronicles of Narnia Literature Study Guides for your teens.

Praying you stay safe and warm through the storm!

Hurricane Joaquin and Homeschool- 4 Ways to Make it a Learning Experience

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