How to Use Cinema Studies the Sequel in High School Co-op

Here are ideas for how to use Cinema Studies the Sequel in high school co-op. It’s a favorite of our teens!

How to Use Cinema Studies the Sequel in High School Co-op. Cinema Studies for Literature Learning the Sequel is a great choice for homeschool co-op classes. Here are some tips for using it with your homeschool high school class. #HomeschoolHighSchool #CInemaStudiesForLiteratureLearning #MoviesForLiterature #CinemaStudiesInCoOp #HighSchoolLiterture

How to Use Cinema Studies the Sequel in High School Co-op

Homeschool high schoolers, just like many teens, love to have a discussion about movies! We picked up on that and created curricula that teaches literature analysis skills using the stories in classic movies:

Cinema Studies for Literature Learning- the Sequel. A full year's worth of literature learning based on movies. Build a memorable Language Arts credit. #7SistersHomeschool #CinemaStudiesForLiterature #HomeschoolHighSchool #HighSchoolLiterature #MoviesFor Literature
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Each of these curricula are a bundle of 15 cinema studies guides that, covered over a period of 2 weeks each, will take your homeschool Language Arts co-op class through a 30-week academic year. The guides are also available individually if you simply want to sprinkle one or two through the year.

Cinema Studies for Literature Learning and the Sequel train homeschool high schoolers in important literature-analysis and inferential-thinking skills. Each guide in both series covers only one or two key literature themes that develop analytical and thinking skills. While the stories in each movie are so good that multiple themes could be covered, we have found that trying to cover ALL the relevant topics will destroy the joy of the movie and the story.

  • Kill-joy curriculum won’t inspire learning!
  • Teaching in a no-busywork, lighthearted manner, inspires students to want to learn even more. (AND we include more ideas for teens who want to level up to Honors credits in their literature.)
Cinema Studies for Literature Learning and the Sequel both train homeschool high schoolers in important literature-analysis and inferential-thinking skills.

How to use Cinema Studies, the Sequel in High School Co-op

Step 1: Choose which bundle your homeschool high schoolers would prefer.

  • Either bundle can go first. There is not a required order.

Step 2: Decide which order to view the movies. This also doesn’t matter. But one good way to order the movies is a mix of black and white movies with color movies.

For Cinema Studies for Literature Learning, a suggested order could be:

  • Sept. Rudy and High Noon
  • Oct. Places in the Heart and The Three Musketeers
  • Nov. Casablanca and What’s Up Doc?
  • Dec. A Christmas Carol
  • Jan. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and The Importance of Being Earnest Feb. The Wizard of Oz
  • Mar. 12 Angry Men and Field of Dreams
  • Apr. Moby Dick and The Truman Show
  • May The Miracle Worker

For the Sequel, try this order (or create your own order)

  • Sept. Midnight in Paris and Hook
  • Oct. Charade and Apollo 13
  • Nov. Lilies of the Field and The Incredibles
  • Dec. The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Jan. Lilies of the Field and The 39 Steps
  • Feb. The Great Debaters and Remember the Titans
  • Mar. Life of Pi and Hoosiers
  • Apr. The Sandlot and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe May The Miracle Worker

Step 3: Create a syllabus:

  • We will be posting a suggested syllabus later this week.

Step 4: In class the first week for each movie:

Begin with discussing the introductory material and the literary devices discussed in the study guide for the movie with your co-op class. If you have time, then watch the movie together. (If you don’t have time, they can watch it at home.)

Here are the literary elements discussed in the Cinema Studies for Literature Learning, the Sequel:

  • Anthropomorphism
  • Survival Stories – Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Man, and Man vs. Himself
  • Allusion
  • Internal and External Conflict
  • Anti-her
  • Theme – Redemption
  • Genre
  • Misdirection
  • Perspective
  • Theme – Coming of Age
  • Mood
  • Anti-Her
  • Deux Ex Machina
  • Theme – Mistaken Identity
  • Irony
  • Biblical Allusion
  • Juxtaposition
  • Character Arc
  • Motif
  • Inference
  • Symbolism
  • Theme – The Power of Emotion to Form Opinion
  • Character Development
  • Theme – Positive Peer Pressure
  • Social Commentary via Fiction
  • Satire

Step 5: In class, the next week for each movie:

  • Start the discussion with the question: Give me a show of hands if you like the movie. Then follow with, “Okay, why?”
    • Then select questions from the study guide to discuss together in class. Don’t skip this part of the process. These class discussions will help them start organizing their thoughts for the accompanying writing assignments. If your students get excited about one of the questions, don’t get stressed out. It is good for them to learn and practice the art of discussion.
  • The goal of the discussion time is to:
    • encourage and equip the students to examine ideas
    • articulate what they are thinking
    • share respectfully so that they can learn from one another in the group
      • remind your students that they are not permitted to speak unkindly to one another

If you want some additional questions to spark discussion, check out this post full of ideas.

10 Great Discussion Questions for Homeschool Literature Co-op
Click image for to read post.
  • Also, during the class for the second week of the movies. Discuss writing assignments for the movie. The number of writing assignments that each teen will complete will vary according to the level of rigor they desire for their homeschool transcript. There are instructions in the introduction to the bundles on ways to *level up* to more rigorous Literature credits. They will complete these assignments at home.
  • If you have time, watch the movie a second time together. (If you don’t have time, they can watch it at home.) They will complete their writing assignments at home.
  • Students needs to write their papers as a response to the second viewing of the film.

Step 6: Remember to have fun!

Homeschool high schoolers learn better if they are having fun. (This is true of most people, actually!)

Download Cinema Studies for Literature Learning and/or the Sequel and have some fun, educational experiences with your homeschool high schoolers!

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How to Use Cinema Studies the Sequel in High School Co-op

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