Homeschool High School Transcripts: Recording Course Levels

Why should homeschool high school transcripts include recording of course levels?

Understanding Levels on Homeschool High School Transcripts

Homeschool High School Transcripts: Recording Course Levels

Many colleges want to see the level of rigor of high school core courses. (How challenging or in-depth was the English, math, social studies, or science course?)

Homeschool high schools are not the only educational institutions including levels on their transcripts. Many private and public schools will show the level of each core course right next to the name of that class. For instance, here’s a glimpse at an excerpt from a local homeschool alumni’s transcript: transcript excerpt showing levels

You can see the level or phase should be noted on the transcript  beside the course title.

It is wise to include a legend on the transcript with a brief description of the way the levels are assigned. (A more detailed description can be included on the “school profile” if you choose to attach one to the transcript.) Transcript Legend

Note: There is not much standardization of levels from school to school. The homeschool umbrella school that our families belong to requires levels that are much more robust than many schools. However, their reputation for high standards has opened doors for our students to many colleges.

Here is how our umbrella school assigns levels. Adapt it in a way that fits your family.

Level 1- Remedial Courses
This level is for students who struggle in a subject. While it is acceptable for high school graduation, Remedial Courses are not acceptable for college applicants.

World Literature: A Full-Year High School Course from
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Level 2- Average High School Courses
This level is for average high school students. While Level 2 Courses are not as rigorous as Level 3- College Prep courses, taking a Level 2 course does not prevent a student from going to college. 7Sisters World Literature, like all our curriculum is adaptable to various levels. The texts include instructions on how to add or subtract learning activities and assignments to allow academic success for average to honors students.

Level 3- College Preparatory Courses
This level is for students who are certain they are going to college. These courses mimic the rigor of college classes.

Level 4- Advanced Courses
This level is for students in College Prep courses who are able to do more rigorous work. These courses add power to the transcript and are attractive to colleges. Level 4 at our umbrella school requires Level 3 work plus 1/2 more credit to equal 1 advanced credit.

Psychology from a Christian Perspective from
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Level 5- Honors Courses
This level is for highly competitive students who want the most powerful transcripts. These courses look very attractive to colleges but are very rigorous. Level 5 at our umbrella school requires fully double the work of a Level 3 course or an AP course. 7Sisters Psychology course has instructions for going deep in interesting and life-skills-useful ways to earn a powerful Honors credit.

I’ve homeschooled each of my 5 kids all the way through high school. They have all attended (or are attending) the colleges of their choice. The clarity of levels on their high school transcript has helped the admissions process.

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Homeschool High School Transcripts: Recording Course Levels





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