Homeschool High School Success: The True Secret

The reality is: we don’t automatically succeed in homeschooling high school. We all need the true secret of homeschool success.

The True Secret of Homeschool Success

Homeschool High School Success: The True Secret

We homeschool moms take our homeschool job seriously. We tend to stress about (and well we should- or at least take these things into account as we plan):

But you can gain the whole academic world and not be successful. You need the true secret of homeschool success.

It is:


No kidding. Don’t let your day pass without it. Don’t start your week without it. Don’t start your homeschooling agenda without it.

Because another truth is:

On your own, you will fail. It might not be today. (Actually, it will probably be somewhere in mid-February when everyone has cabin fever.) You need the wisdom and strength from the God of the Universe, the God of Wisdom, the God of Power and Might.

Prayer Journal 1 from
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In His mercy, when He calls us to do something outrageous like homeschooling our kids, He also gives us the faith in Him to do it through our Lord Jesus Christ, and His wisdom through His Holy Spirit.
This might sound almost cheesy, but in the day-to-day struggle to get Algebra done or research papers checked, it is easy to lose time to invest in the one relationship that can truly sustain us.
When you or your homeschool high schoolers need to do something fresh in your prayer life, download one of our affordable Prayer Journals. Each has 30 interactive prayer exercises that help keep your conversation with God lively and not just a repetitive responsibility.


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Homeschool High School Success: The True Secret

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