Homeschool High School Electives: Human Development, A Life-Skills Course


When choosing homeschool high school electives: Human Development is a great choice! This a true life-skills course!

Homeschool High School Elective: Human Development. shares Human Development, a life skills elective for homeschool teens.

Homeschool High School Electives: Human Development

There are endless possibilities for homeschool high school electives! Human Development is a must-include course if you want your teens to have an elective that truly enhances their life skills.

When I was earning my Masters in Counseling degree, the course I found most useful for my own life was Human Development. I use the lessons I learned there all the time in my counseling work. However, I use the things I learned in Human Development CONSTANTLY as a homeschool mom raising 5 kids and the daughter of parents who are in their spritely 80’s.

I wanted my homeschool high schoolers to learn Human Development, too. That’s why we developed our popular, fully-interactive digital textbook: Human Development from a Christian Worldview.

Human Development is a great homeschool high school elective because it helps teens understand the ways people grow and develop from womb to old age.

Human Development from a Christian Worldview from 7 Sisters Homeschool
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It is fascinating to discover:

  • Why 2 year-olds say “NO” so often.
  • What is going on in a 4 year-old’s brain when he thinks the moon is following him.
  • Why 4th graders can get concerned that they aren’t good enough at anything.
  • Why parents are so BUSY.
  • Why grandparents tell the same stories over and over.

If you’re choosing homeschool high school electives: Human Development is a perfect one to choose. Here are some reasons why:

  • Understand self and others
  • Become a better babysitter or caregiver (and parent someday)
  • Gain knowledge about how God made our human bodies to grow and change from womb to old age
  • Learn wisdom about how God made our minds to think at different stages of life
  • Obtain tools for personal development
  • Earn a high school credit that gives SPARKLE to the transcript! Human Development helps teens understand all the ages and stages!Thinks about it when you are planning your homeschool high school electives: Human Development is a true life-skills course!

(Many homeschoolers give their kids 1 credit in health or science elective to students who complete the text and activities. The text is designed as an average high school credit but also contains activities and readings to increase the credit level to both college-prep and honors.)

Click this link for lesson plans (teaching activities for individual learning or co-ops that are keyed to the text).

Lesson Plans for 7SistersHomeschool's Human Development from a Christian Worldview
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Your homeschool high schoolers will develop a rich transcript and useful life skills with Human Development from a Christian Worldview. Download your copy.

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Homeschool High School Electives: Human Development

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