7 Handy, College-Prep Study Tips for Homeschool High School

Does your teen need some homeschool high school college-prep study tips?

homeschool high school college-prep study tips

Homeschool High School

College-prep Study Tips

It is a great idea to get your teens started on some homeschool high school college-prep study tips. If they have some good study skills down pat before they graduate, college adjustment will be a piece of cake.

Get enough sleep! Believe it or not, you do worse on exams if you stay up all night Psychology from a Christian Perspective from 7SistersHomeschool.comcramming for the test. Fresh brain cells retrieve information better. There’s an entire chapter in 7Sisters Psychology from a Christian Perspective about sleep and its importance. Another reason to *like psych*!

Daily take handwritten notes from class and type them on the computer. This helps review and retain the information (and less cramming for exams is necessary.) Homeschool high schoolers who are taking co-op, group classes, or online courses can get great practice taking notes. 

Use different color highlighters to differentiate the types of information in your notes.

Make diagrams or doodle in class to help pay attention and classify information. Here’s a great post from Homeschool Scientist about doodling.

Turn off cellphone and social media while you’re studying. Much better to have 20 minutes of focused studying then two hours of multi-tasking.

History and Philosophy of the Western World from 7SistersHomeschool.comSit in the same spot every time you go to class, especially when you go to take the test. This helps when it comes to recalling something if visually things are the same. This can work even if your homeschool high schoolers are doing courses at home. For instance, if they are studying History and Philosophy of the Western World each day on the living room sofa, that would also be the best place to take the test.

Take one 5-10 minute break every 1-2 hours you study. It helps to give your brain time to rest, and shows if you’re actually retaining the material when you come back to it.

Check out my Pinterest board on Learning Skills for more ideas.

Homeschool high school college-prep study tips


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