How to Help Homeschool Teens Start the College Search

Here’s how to help homeschool teens start the college search.

How to Help Homeschool High Schoolers Begin the College Search

How to Help Homeschool Teens Start the College Search

In my many years of advising homeschool high schoolers, I have found that the college search is one of their big stressors. Teens and their parents sometimes don’t know where to start. Here are some tips on how to help homeschool teens start the college search.

The college search needs to start with some frank discussions:

*Who is paying for what and how much? Many people can’t rely on getting tons of Federal Aid or scholarships. The economy is different than a decade ago, so available funds are often tighter. Settle this clearly:

  • How much are the parents able and willing to kick in?

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  • How much must the student bear?
  • What will that look like in paying back loans after college?

*What is your homeschool high schooler’s college major interest? If she is not certain, please don’t waste thousands of dollars on college education before doing a solid Career Exploration course. That’s why we created our Career Exploration Bundle: It is based on the coaching I’ve been doing with homeschool teens for decades and learning their needs. Also download this freebie from to help the process

*With the finances understood, what are the options?

  • Community college for the first 2 years? This is an amazing option for more and more families. The teens usually earn a 2-year degree debt free which makes the remaining 2 or more years much more affordable.
  • State college?
  • Christian or private college?

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  • Military?

*With the college options clear, do some online college searches for your college type with the major(s) of interest. Look at each college’s description of their programs. Each college has a different personality, style or emphasis. Which ones look appealing?

*Take some college tours. Talk to staff, students, teachers in the major(s) of interest. This is SO important. Don’t send your teen to a college he/she hasn’t visited!

*Pray about it! First, last, always. You and your homeschool high school may plan your way, but you want to be available to God directing his/her paths.


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How to Help Homeschool Teens Start the College Search

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