Elementary Books for Bored Readers

Need some elementary books for some bored readers? I had 2 kids who were reluctant or struggling readers when they were starting out. One had dyslexia, the other just didn’t care. For both of them, sitting still to decipher some boring, cryptic book was no good! They needed some books that made reading less painful!

Elementary Books for Bored Readers

Elementary Books for Bored Readers

It took the right series to inspire my young, reluctant, strugglers kids to read discover contagious books in elementary homeschool.

For my son with dyslexia, phonics was not working. We had to use sight readers and much repetition. His favorite series was Mary Manz Simon’s Bible Stories.

Each colorful, delightfully-illustrated book is short and concentrates on a set of around 20 words- perfect for a child who struggles with words. (The books are only around $3 each.)

My 5th son just couldn’t care less about reading. The series that changed all that was Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey.

Captain Underpants is a silly, boy-friendly set of books about George and Harold and their ridiculous predicaments. No “Alice and Jerry” or deep lessons of life. However, if a boy laughs hard while he reads, he learns to read well.

My kids did lots of worthy reading, too- Bibles for kids, Bibles in comics, and some of my favorites: Edcon’s Bring the Classics to Life workbook series. I used Edcon with my kids from grade 5 or 6 until they finished the series (starting in Level 1 and going through). This series was GREAT at developing inferential skills.

My 2 youngest REALLY enjoyed the Cul de Sac Kids series by Beverly Lewis. These books featured a mystery-solving set of friends and always included solid Christian messages.

Speaking of mystery-solving kids, all my kids loved Nate the Great by Marjorie Sharmat. Nate is fun and smart and solves all sorts of mysteries around his neighborhood.

One of my kids’ favorite late-elementary books of all time is Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. In fact, most of the 7Sisters’ kids read and loved this book (and worked on it together in co-op). We introduced the idea of study guides with this one. It is a pleasant, short, no-busywork, success-oriented experience for young readers.

bored readerThe 7 Sisters literature study guide to go along with Mrs. Frisby includes vocabulary, comprehension questions, and lots of activities. Download it today – just $3.99!

What elementary books have you found for your bored reader?

BTW- This is not a sponsored post. We just like to share our favorites with you.


Elementary Books for Bored Readers

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