College-Attractive Homeschool Transcripts- What to Include

In my nearly 20 years as academic advisor to our local homeschool high schoolers, I learned parents want to know about college-attractive transcripts- what to include. Here are some things we’ve found that admissions officers are finding attractive:

College-Attractive Homeschool Transcripts- What to Include

College-Attractive Homeschool Transcripts- What to Include

Here are 7 things that we always include on our homeschool high school transcripts:

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1) Solid GPA. Our local homeschoolers calculate GPA on core classes (English/Language Arts, Maths, Social Studies, Sciences, World Languages).

2) Strong SAT or ACT Scores. Not all colleges require these, but those that do look for competitive scores.

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3) Academic Challenge. Many colleges want to know that their incoming students have challenged themselves academically. They want to know: Are most of his courses at College Prep level or higher? Is he taking some Advanced, Honors, or AP classes? (Check college website for the number of high powered levels they want to see on the homeschool transcript.) Here’s an explanation of levels on a homeschool high school transcript.

4) Academic richness. Richness is: In-depth study in areas of interest and talent OR Wide variety of course -topics and personal development. In-depth coursework might include extra biology or chemistry courses for future science majors OR special topics on respected writers for English majors (I covered CS Lewis studies with my homeschool high schoolers). Personal development for homeschool high schoolers SHOULD include Career Exploration.

5) Extra-curriculars. We still have to avoid the stereotype that homeschoolers are well-educated misfits who never left the basement for 12 years. Rich extracurriculars are absolutely necessary to show that my student is community minded and has good social skills. Note: Colleges like to see a level of commitment in the extracurriculars- not just one-time events. Here’s an explanation of homeschool high school extra-curriculars.

6) Competitions. College is a competitive place. Competitions show drive and diligence in my son’s character. He doesn’t have to win, just enter.

7) Service. Research shows that people who are active and service-minded have lower levels of depression than the general population. Besides, it is Scriptural to serve others!

Wondering what highly selective colleges are looking for in a transcript? Click here to find out.

College-Attractive Transcripts

College-Attractive Homeschool Transcripts- What to Include


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