Build Character with Your Homeschool High School Curriculum

Don’t waste the adolescent years with mindless learning: build character with your homeschool high school curriculum.

Build Character with Your Homeschool High School Curriculum

Build Character with Your Homeschool High School Curriculum

Do you remember when you were young, reading a book that truly had an impact on your life? A book so moving that it helped shape your character?

Can you imagine being a homeschool high schooler and studying a high school textbook that actually helps shape your character (instead of simply boring you to tears)?

These are some of the reasons that 7Sisters Homeschool moms started developing curriculum years ago. We wanted our teens to read literature that helped inspire them to become the people God created them to be. We wanted our high schoolers to have access to Christian worldview texts that had NO busywork; instead, texts that helped them develop good, godly, thinking lifestyles.

Mostly we wanted what many people want: to build character with your homeschool high school curriculum.

Here are some ways we did that:The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Study Guides for High School

  • Narnia: Many of the 7Sisters Homeschool high schoolers did in-depth study of the Chronicles of Narnia. There’s no one like C.S. Lewis to smuggle character development, deep theological concepts, and wisdom-building philosophical concepts into great stories. AND as Lewis said: A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.God's Smuggler Study Guide
  • Autobiographies of Redemption: One of the best is Born Again by Chuck Colson, who served jail time for his part in Watergate, came to know Christ, and spent the rest of his life helping “set captives free”.The Hiding Place Study Guide $3.99 What your student needs to know and no more than that!

We wanted our teens to have character development in their homeschool high school credits. We also wanted a Christian worldview, texts with NO busywork, and the ability to work at different levels but use the same book (some of our kids are “average”, some are advanced, some are honors). Here are some of the courses our teens have used:History and Philosophy of the Western World by 7 Sisters Homeschool

  • History and Philosophy of the Western World: While the title sounds pretentious, the content is light-hearted. Our teens earned their World History credit while learning some important philosophical concepts, basic church history, and ways to think about history and its impact on the world today. (And it was co-authored by a 7Sister son: Dr. Micah Tillman.)

Human Development from a Christian Worldview

  • Human Development: Our homeschool high schoolers learned to notice, respect, and steward the ways God created people to grow and change from womb to old age. They also earned their health (or Social Science) credit.

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective

  • Psychology: Our teens learned to understand that they are wonderfully made (and so are their friends) in a Psychology credit that covered all the necessary topics but didn’t “AP” the subject to death. We wanted our kids to “like Psych”.

Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective

  • Financial Literacy: The Bible has lots to say about character and money. NO one should graduate without being prepared to be good stewards of the money God gives them. Our teens genuinely liked this course.

With only 4 years through high school to find life-shaping educational experiences, if you’re like us you want to build character with your homeschool high school curriculum.

We invite you to download the texts that have guided our teens. Your teens will be blessed!

Build Character with Your Homeschool High School Curriculum

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