Allison Thorp

Allison Thorp is our dependable sister!  She serves as an editor and curriculum developer, as well as anything else we ask her to do!

Being generally shy and afraid of the telephone hasn’t stopped Allison from conquering office administration for 7 Sisters and Mt. Sophia Academy (our local homeschool umbrella school), or from coordinating large celebrations for over 18 years in her homeschool and church communities. In fact, Allison’s post on food for a grieving family is one of our most popular posts, as well as her series of posts about throwing graduation parties.

She began homeschooling her one son and two daughters in 1993; all three have now graduated from college.  Her B.A. (cum laude) from the University of Delaware is in Art History, and those who have eaten her cooking agree that Allison’s meals are works of art…that become history soon after she serves them!

Wife to Wayne, she has taught various subjects in co-ops over the years, assists with and judges the TSHSN Rhetoric Team, has directed the elementary homeschool choir, is a professional calligrapher, and specializes in teaching high school students how to write MLA-style research papers.  In her spare time she taught herself medical transcription, and worked part-time from home transcribing for a local allergist for a number of years.

Keep an eye on those shy ones…who knows how much they will accomplish!

Allison Thorp