Allison Thorp

Allison homeschooled from 1993 until her youngest child graduated in 2011, three kids from starting line to finish! Her two oldest graduated from college with Bachelor’s degrees, and her youngest will graduate from Nursing school in 2015. Allison’s , B.A. (cum laude) from the University of Delaware is in Art History, and those who have eaten her cooking agree that Allison’s meals are works of art…that become history soon after she serves them!

Allison handles the office administration for 7 Sisters and Mt. Sophia Academy, and is the guru of coordinating large celebrations for her homeschool and church communities.

Kym Smythe

Kym holds a BA from La Salle University in Spanish Education and International Business, and an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration. In the interest of keeping things diverse in her life, she is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and a Seeing-Eye Puppy Raiser.

Kym’s passion for people and ability to look on the bright side make her Spanish classes at MSA as much fun as the homeschool choir she directed for several years in our local homeschooling community. Kym gets the party started!

Sabrina Justison media kit

Sabrina Justison

Sabrina is a speaker, playwright and a singer-songwriter who has taught Fine Arts as well as Literature, Writing, and Latin at her local homeschooling-day-school. She has created more than 15 Drama Camp two-week-intensives and is a wordsmith who enjoys helping people articulate and understand the vision and mission of an individual or an organization.

Sabrina began homeschooling in 1995. After she and her children walked through the difficulties of divorce, she was blessed to meet and marry Fred, and their blended family has 7 now-grown children and 3 grandchildren. She seems to have the gift of resiliency; hard stuff happens, but God can be trusted. Download her media kit for speaking information here.

Consumer Math Financial Literacy

Sara Hayes

Sara and her husband Carl have homeschooled their five sons from the starting gun to the finish line – son #5 graduated from high school in 2011. She teaches Algebra and Consumer Math at Mt. Sophia Academy, and has taught science, history, and literature in co-ops.

In her father’s Christian bookstore, Sara gained many years of experience with bookkeeping and customer service, and her excellence with numbers keeps the less-precise Sisters from accidentally ruining the business!

Marilyn Groop

Marilyn holds a BS in Physical Therapy from New York University. Homeschooling her six children since 1990, she has dealt with a variety of learning styles and learning abilities – from gifted to learning disabled.  Three of her six children are adopted and some had emotional issues that interfered with learning.

Since 1998, she has been a single parent and has continued to homeschool despite the challenges that situation offers. Marilyn and Vicki Tillman founded MEK/TEK and Mt. Sophia Academy, and they also helped found Elijah School, a traditional five day per week school for students who have learning differences that were difficult to reach in a homeschool.

Vicki Tillman

Vicki Tillman’s mission is to advance God’s kingdom by investing in people. She has lived this call as advisor to the upperclassmen in her local homeschool community since 1996. A homeschooling mom for 20-plus years, all five of Vicki’s children graduated from homeschool high school and have completed (or are pursuing) various degrees at college and graduate levels.

A speaker, curriculum developer and advisor to homeschoolers, Vicki shares her expertise in homeschooling, prayer, and mental health topics through her posts at 7 Sisters2:1 Conference (she is a member of the writing team), Pike Creek Psychological Center and Vicki Talks Prayer. 

Click here for Vicki’s media kit.

Vicki holds an MA in Counseling from Liberty University, and has worked as a counselor at Pike Creek Psychological Center since 1996. A member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, she is trained on their Life Coaching model, which she employs in the mentoring she does in the homeschooling community and elsewhere.