8 Important High School Reading List Categories Pt 1

Here are 8 important high school reading list categories to help you build a strong transcript and great life preparation.

High School Reading List Categories

High School Reading List Categories

If you homeschool high schoolers, you know that it’s important for them to have a well-rounded reading list as a part of their language arts curriculum each year.

But how do you decide what to put on that reading list?

Anne of Green Gables Lit Guide thm
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While any of a plethora of deserving books might make your list for next year, here are some categories to help you make sure you don’t neglect an important area in your child’s reading development.

  • Fiction.  This is a no-brainer for a lot of homeschools, but remember that reading well-written fiction is very important for building, in particular, “reading for interpretation” and “reading for inference” skills. (7SistersHomeschool.com gently builds these skills into our literature study guides for inspirational skill-building. Our all-time favorite FREEBIE is Anne of Green Gables Lit Study Guide.)
  • Non-fiction. Biographies, historical and political books, “self-help” instructional books, and books on a subject like computers, or baseball, or veterinary medicine. This category is especially helpful for a reluctant reader; while she may not be enthusiastic about novels, she might get jazzed to read a book on a subject that really interests her, reading for the enjoyment of the information rather than the joy of the story. Try our popular literature study guide about Brother Andrew: God’s Smuggler.

    God's Smuggler Literature Study Guide from 7SistersHomeschool.com
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  • Bible.  Yes indeed, reading the Bible actually counts as reading as well as spiritual instruction.  And because the Bible is the living word of God, it can improve our children’s minds more than any other type of reading they attempt.
  • Classic Literature.  We probably all assume that this is an important category, but if your child is NOT a voracious reader, you may find exposing him to classic literature daunting.  If so, consider choosing a book that had a decent movie version made from it, and watch the movie first to get an overall understanding of where the book is going.  Then read the book with a study guide in front of you; the structure of the questions in a study guide can really help your student get a lot out of the experience of the novel without feeling overwhelmed. (Try the movie, then book and literature study guide from 7Sisters for A Christmas Carol, Les Miserables, and To Kill a Mockingbird.)

    Les Miserables Literature Study Guide 7SistersHomeschool.com
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  • Contemporary Literature.  This category is more likely to be overlooked by homeschoolers; we love the idea of sticking with the classics!  But if our children are going to be equipped to be in the world (but not of it) after graduation, they need exposure to well-written contemporary literature.  Keep your ears open to hear what books people you respect are talking about, then search on the internet for that book title and see what the discussion about it is.  Does it sound like it doesn’t have a slew of spiritual “red flags” attached to it?  Read it first, or read it along with your child (often literature study guides help deal with uncomfortable readings) and you may have some tremendous conversation as you encounter a new book together. One popular literature study guide is The Right Stuff.


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