No-busywork ebook curriculum from 20+ year veteran homeschool moms!

“I had no idea how to teach the components of Poetry and hadn't found anything to assist me. My daughter usually fits your guide in a day or two each week and she has found it enjoyable. Thank you!”
--Les M.
“I appreciate the thought has gone into the creation of this curriculum (Intro. to Psychology). I have also enjoyed the conversations that have arisen from the enrichment activities. To date, two of our children have taken the course.”
--Diana H.
“I have been so thankful for my homeschool mentors. These women were homeschool veterans. Some of those mentors are the ladies at 7Sisters. I truly value their advice and counsel. They have put together a fabulous resource for those of us who are a little skittish at the thought of homeschooling high school. High School Homeschool: You Can Do It!
“Your materials and blogs have once again, this year, saved the stress load. Thank you for the great programs. Career Exploration, Intro to High School Writing, The Research Paper for Reluctant Writers, Psychology, Financial Literacy. All of these will or already have, made their way into our homeschool.”
“Just taking a minute to let you know I have enjoyed using your Intro. to Psychology course in our homeschool co-op this past semester.”
--Betty H.
“We are HUGE HUGE fans of 7Sisters.  They have a tremendous wealth of information, and they have helped our son get on track with Essay writing, literature, writing in general, a research paper (if you have never done one, use their research for the reluctant writer).  Setting up for Psychology next year. They are the choice.
“I love your site and all the things you do.  You are such a blessing. I know that you always respond so quickly to requests and that makes me feel secure in purchasing things from you.  You respond whether it has been a free download or a purchased one. This shows integrity and your love for others shines through.”
“We used the Human Development course and all three of our students took it together. Two pursued Honors level and one chose Basic. It held all of their attention and they learned so much from it!”
--Adell C.
“I like that some questions can be answered briefly while others require a more detailed response. This series has led to many nice discussions as well as additional writing assignments. Keep up the good work!”
--Jane K.
“After six weeks of using your Poetry Writing Guide, my students were requesting the next installment and had begun compiling their poems into volumes. It was so teacher-friendly. We are excited about using the intermediate guide in the winter!”
--Kristen M.