5 Writing Projects for the Homeschool Transcript

Homeschooled high schoolers should be proficient in several types of writing. Each of my 5 kids had some writing projects that they loved and some that they hated, but I required them to have experience in them all. In fact, in our local homeschool umbrella school requires it, too. Never once, in twenty years of high schooling, have any of those kids come back to me after graduation and said, “I sure wish you hadn’t made me do all that writing.”
5 Writing Projects for the Homeschool Transcript

Writing Projects for the Homeschool Transcript

Rather, many of the homeschoolers (including my own kids) have reported that they are confident in their writing skills and get some of the best grades in their college composition classes.
Here are the 5 writing projects that our teens complete each high school year:
1. Research paper (MLA or APA style)
The paper length varies according to our homeschoolers’ grade and level (average to honors).
Click here for the guidelines we use. Download one of our MLA Research Paper Guides and APA Research Paper Guides take students step by step through the process. They are simple, user-friendly, not overdone, and NO busywork. 
writing projects for homeschool transcript 2. Five-paragraph essays
There are a number of these essays that need to be covered: SAT topics, persuasive, compare-contrast, literature analysis and more. The number of essays varies each year according to grade and level. Here are our guidelines
Middle-schoolers through upperclassmen can work through the 7 Sisters essay guides in a few minutes each day. The guides are quick, easy, and confidence-building. Download one today.
writing projects for homeschool transcript
3. Poetry   Sometimes people are surprised that we require poetry. Even homeschoolers who hate poetry should learn the word-power skill of poetry. Poetic language skills help students write great research papers and essays. My sister, who is a college professor, tells me how grateful she is when she sees a well-worded paper (when you read 200 freshman papers on the same topic, to discover good writing is a relief).Try our poetry guides! They begin so simply that even a total novice can gain creative word skill in only 15 minutes per day for 5 weeks.
writing projects for the homeschool transcript   4. Short Stories
The creativity employed in constructing short stories helps high schoolers develop good paper-writing skill. Some will even discover that they love writing short stories and move on to writing novels!! Fun, non-threatening, self-directed and NO busywork short story guide are a delightful way to develop short story skills through family narratives, tall tales, and myth-fantasies.
writing projects for homeschool transcript
5. Business and Technical Writing   BTW includes important life-skill writing like resumes, cover letters, business letters, meeting minutes, ad copy and more. (The same guide that we’ve used with our high schoolers will be released soon!)
Prepare your homeschooling high schooler for the next things in life with these 5 writing projects. Take a look at Sabrina’s vlog on plagiarism!

Writing Projects for the Homeschool Transcript

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