Review: My Favorite Art Curricula for Homeschoolers

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Some things are hard for a homeschool mom like me to teach- like fine arts. I love them in every form (drawing, music, drama) but the gift passed me by.

Fortunately there are some usuable-for-non-artist-homeschool-mom curricula out there. Here are some I recommend. (BTW- this is not a sponsored post.)

Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

I love this one! Using simple drawing activities, it teaches kids to think from the creative side of their brain. It is not a theory book- it is a let’s-get-creative book.

My daughter, who got her BA in Photography and Art liked this book so well that she has incorporated it into the work she does now as an art instructor.

Learning how to think creatively is a very important life skill- it is useful in writing, inventing, and problem-solving.


God and the History of Art by Barry Stebbing

This is another curriculum I love. We used it in co-op as part of our world history lessons. Barry Stebbing takes homeschoolers through art history and gives them hands-on lessons so that they can experience the types of art and ideas from each time period. I loved the projects he assigned.

The program came with cards that had good pictures of the type of art being studied.

I really appreciated being able to key in art with history.


Alpha Omega LifePacs Art

I felt my artistic kids needed some art theory when they hit high school. Not knowing any theory, I wanted someone to teach that for me.

Lifepacs does that.

Not that my kids enjoyed this. They didn’t like the lessons, they felt they were uncreative, technical, and boring.

However, they got theory in. (And it didn’t kill their love of art, just got them irritated with me.)

I am glad there is good homeschool curricula out there for our kids to get some experience in the world of art.

What do you use to teach your kids art?

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Whether we homeschool moms feel creative or not,

Whether we are artistically gifted or not,

We can teach our kids to be creative-

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