Review: Great Christian Writers Literature Study Guides for Your Homeschool

Last year, I taught a Great Christian Writers class at our homeschool day-school, and we were all blessed by it…academically and spiritually.

One of the many blessings of homeschooling through high school is getting to choose books to read with our kids, and then discussing those books.  Choosing which books to read can be overwhelming, so allow me to share my ideas for creating the list for your high school literature program:

While I make sure we spend time on American Lit., British Literature  and World Lit., it’s also wonderful to spend a half-credit or even a whole-credit on a specialized category of literature, or a topic, or a particular author’s work.

The HIding Place by Corrie ten Boom is powerful, and incorporates World War II history into the learning experience.

You can tailor your book selection to your child’s unique interests, for example.   You can also tailor your book selection to goals you have for character development in your child, and Great Christian Writers came out of the desire of some of us moms to see our kids read well-written books by Christian authors who want their readers to meditate deeply in their spirits about the things of God as well as have their intellect stretched and entertained with their words. We wanted to include biographies and autobiographies, books of theology, devotional materials, and fiction.

This is the list of study guides I created to accompany works by Great Christian Writers.  Click on any link to view excerpts from the study guide in our EBookstore.  We’ve tried to keep these study guides really affordable at just $3.99 each.

* The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom)

* Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan)

* The Practice of the Presence of God (Bro. Lawrence)

* God’s Smuggler (Bro. Andrew) — This one was a big hit with a lot of teenage boys!

* Something Beautiful for God (Malcolm Muggeridge)

* Joni (Joni Eareckson Tada)

* Born Again (Chuck Colson)

Pilgrim's Progress should be inspiring...not intimidating.

So why do you need a study guide to accompany these books?

A study guide

– helps keep a student focused on a particular element or theme in the book. 

It provides background information about the authors

– It provides vocabulary resources.

– It provides supplemental activities and suggestions.

– It makes choosing topics for writing based on the book easier.

– It makes using the book for discussion in a book club, co-op or class more effective.

Study guides are a terrific, inexpensive way to get the most out of a book, and the study guides I create are designed to enhance the reading experience, not kill the joy in it!  Every reader should develop a relationship with the book in her hands, and 7 Sisters’ study guides are never meant to damage that relationship in any way!

While these titles are not currently bundled for purchase together, the 7 titles available would make a terrific 1/2 credit literature choice.  Or simply pick a title or two that interests you or your student, and supplement the book list you’re already planning for next year.  You will not find anything like these study guides elsewhere.


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