How to Homeschool Fine Arts in High School

Fine Arts is a required subject for graduation for most homeschool high school students. Most students will earn at least one credit. (However, it is an important value to my family thus, my own kids all earn 4 credits (or more) over their high school years.)

How to Homeschool Fine Arts in High School

Homeschool Fine Arts in High School

C. S. Lewis felt that the imagination is the organ of meaning. In other words, imagination helps us explore and discover God’s purposes for us and our meaning in life. One way we access our imagination is through creativity. Creativity begins with the Arts.

Fine Arts often includes:

– Visual Art: drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, graphic design, art history, visiting museums and galleries

– Cinematic Art: film production, animation (here’s my son Ezra’s Interview with Ralph Waldo Emerson for example)

– Musical Art: playing instruments, singing, music theory and history, attending performances

– Dance: Participating in ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, attending performances

– Dramatic Art: acting, participating in pantomime, theater production, attending performances (the 7Sisters ebookstore has resources to help you)

Homeschool Fine Arts in High School

Here some ways to earn a high school credit in Fine Arts:

-Log 120-135 hours in various fine arts activities (you can combine all the Fine Arts areas plus visit various art museums and performances over the 4 years of high school for a general Fine Arts credit)

-Log 120-135 hours in lessons or co-op classes and homework

-Join a drama club and log those hours

-Take classes at the local homeschool umbrella

-Take a 3 credit course at a community college (3 college credits=1 high school credit)


Sometimes, as a student experiences an art activity, he/she feels inspiration and pushes on to study further.

Sometimes, a wonder for the beauty of God’s creation is awakened.

Sometimes, he/she learns to appreciate the work of others.

Sometimes, a career path opens up.

Sometimes, the young person simply has fun.

Whatever the outcome, Fine Arts is a wise investment during the high-school years.

What do your children do for fine arts?

For more ideas, download Vicki Tillman’s FREE whitepaper – A Fun and Easy Way to Earn a Fine Arts Credit


Homeschool Fine Arts in High School

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  1. paula says

    If I’m giving credit for fine arts using the suggestions mentioned, my question is how to I give a grade for dance classes taken at a studio or for attending performances which we love to do? Don’t I still have to use the same grading system as I would for math, English, etc…if I am giving credit for it? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

    • says

      That’s a good question! For fine arts, it’s a matter of hours of participation (including audience hours if she’s attending a performance), attitude (effort, cooperation, concern for other students, respect for teachers, etc.), and preparedness as is appropriate (for example, a singer taking voice lessons weekly should have memorized the piece assigned by her voice teacher in preparation for the lesson). Even in traditional schools, there are classes in fine arts that base the grade on attendance, class participation, and attitude. In our homeschools, there’s no reason to make it complicated. Grade for fine arts differently than you would for Algebra, as success in that subject area is such a different goal.

    • paula says

      Thank you so much. That is what I was thinking but needed some confirmation to make sure I wasn’t way off base.

  2. says

    This information was helpful for me as we are starting our first homeschool high school year. Our daughter plays piano and I wasn’t sure how “much” we needed to build into her pursuit. Looks like she actually exceeds the “requirements.”

    Thank you.

  3. says

    My family loves Fine Arts! All 4 of our children have participated in church choirs, homeschool “open” choirs, homeschool auditioned vocal ensembles and drama.

    Instrumentally they have taken turns with piano, fife, snare drum, bass drum, handbells and guitar. The fife and drums were in a colonial era fife and drum corp – great history and geography exposure there too!

    Two of my daughters have enjoyed visual arts – photography, drawing, painting, etc. As a matter of fact, Kendall just took a class with Vicki’s daughter Joanna and loved it!

  4. Marilyn says

    My children have enjoyed a variety of experiences – choir, music lessons, praise band, and drama. All of these have added to richness in their high school experience and helped prepare them for adult life.


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