Homeschool High School Writing Help: What to Cover?

Do you need some homeschool high school writing help? Wonder what to cover?

Homeschool high school writing help: What to cover!

Homeschool High School Writing Help

Moms of homeschool high schoolers often feel overwhelmed by the many components of a Language Arts credit. (Here’s a post on what to include in a high school Language Arts course.)

Writing is one of the most vital parts of the homeschool high school Language Arts credit.

Moms of homeschool high schoolers often feel overwhelmed by the many components of a Language Arts credit. (Here’s a post on what to include in a high school Language Arts course.)

Here are 4 writing areas you will want to cover each year and 1 great way to make sure you cover them all:


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1. Research paper (MLA or APA style)
Your homeschool high schooler will need to write a research paper most years (while not every homeschool program will require 4 years of research papers, we have heard from our local homeschoolers that writing one each year REALLY helped prepare them for college).

MLA Research Paper Writing Guide 7SIstersHomeschool.comThe 7Sisters ebookstore has writing guides to walk your teen through the process of writing an MLA and an APA Style research paper…and Chicago Style is coming soon! Each guide breaks the work down into bite-sized pieces and eliminates the intimidation factor with a friendly, conversational style of instruction.

2. Five-paragraph essays
There are a number of these essays that need to be covered: SAT topics, persuasive, compare-contrast, literature analysis and more. Homeschool high schoolers should be able to spit these out on demand by the time they graduate!

Three different levels of high school essay writing guides are available in the 7Sisters ebookstore, and Middle School Essay Writing Guide gives younger students a great head-start on the skill set they will need.

3. Poetry An important homeschool high school writing help is poetry writing. Teens do not need to grow up to be Robert Frost but they do need to learn to express themselves with the power of well-chosen words. Poetic language skills help students write great research papers and essays.

Introductory Poetry Writing from

Getting started with poetry writing is fun and accessible with three levels of instruction in friendly-toned guides from the 7Sisters ebookstore.

4. Short Stories
The creativity employed in constructing short stories helps high schoolers develop good paper-writing skill. I have heard from college professors that creatively-expressed, well-written papers get better grades than boring, well-written papers. Story writing teaches these skills.

Write a fantasy short story in high school with this fun writing guide from

Writing a myth-fantasy short story is one of our own kids’ favorite short story writing adventures! Check out how to with this guide, or our other short story writing guides for family narratives and tall tales in the ebookstore.

And here is the 1 Great Way to Make Sure You Cover ALL the Homeschool High School Writing Components

7Sisters offers Literature and Composition bundles that cover one semester at a time! Check out all the levels available for a year’s worth of writing, reading, and vocabulary so that you know you’ve covered everything. The no busywork, adaptable, inspirational format will make Language Arts a great course for your teen!

High School Literature and Composition 1A and 1B – Introductory Level

High School Literature and Composition 2A and 2B – Intermediate Level

High School Literature and Composition 3A and 3B – Advanced Level

Homeschool High School Writing Help

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