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We have a new gift to offer you, homeschooler!  Vicki Tillman has been writing posts on how to homeschool high school over the last six months, and her posts are some of our most popular blogs.  High school can be overwhelming, and having expert advice on transcripts and a well-rounded graduate is vital for a good homeschool high school experience.

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Kyle Thorp, Summer Intern

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Kyle Thorp, 7 Sisters’ Summer Intern for 2011. Kyle is Allison’s second-born, and he is a Communication Studies major at Grove City College.  Since communicating about homeschooling is what 7 Sisters is all about, we figured it was a great idea to have Kyle JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

Kyle is gifted with words (look for upcoming blog posts from him here at 7 Sisters).  He is a deep thinker who is also great with details, and he’s going to spend this summer looking over the data we’ve collected in our first six months on the internet to find ways we can be more effective in reaching homeschoolers who need curriculum, coaching, community, and other resources to make their homeschooling adventure more rewarding.

Kyle is also one perseverant dude. He is currently hard at work with Vicki Tillman creating the tests and answer keys that will be a part of the Intro. to Psychology curriculum 7 Sisters will release next month.  He spends hours evaluating our blog archives to determine resources homeschoolers seem to be asking for (we read your comments faithfully….keep ’em comin’!).  If he starts a job, he finishes it.  In fact, since I am his biological aunt, I remember one of the early evidences of his perseverant streak.  May I tell you a story?

Our intern in the early years….

Life with toddlers is never dull. Allison was a “green mom” who used cloth diapers on her babies, and keeping up with Kaitlyn, Kyle and Hannah (each born just about  year after the next-older sibling) meant lots of diapers in the pail.  Kyle once took it upon himself to…HELP his mother with the often-full diaper pail.  While he was supposed to be napping as a wee little tyke, he climbed out of his bed and emptied the diaper pail, one icky diaper at a time, until every last diaper had been diligently placed in a decorative position around the room.  Now THAT’S the kind of guy we need interning at 7 Sisters!

Kaitlyn, Kyle and Hannah

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  1. Maureen says

    Yay, Kyle! I have had the honor of teaching Kyle, and I am really looking forward to hearing what he has to say at 7 Sisters. I know I’ve caught a few guest blogs of his at Mt. Sophia and have been blown away by his message and the voice he has found in writing.
    I will tell a story about Kyle, too: Once upon a time, Kyle and his co-op friends were instructed to write a Shakespearian sonnet. They were not to FREAK OUT about it, but just to see what they could do. Kyle came through with a wonderful poem which met the assignment parameters while sharing his deeply felt opinion of poetry. The poem began with an incredibly metaphoric line that is etched into my brain:
    “To write a poem is to bite a rock.”
    iambic pentameter full of nuance and deep meaning!

    If I can find the poem in its entirety, I will share it with you before asking Kyle permission to do so! :)

  2. Kyle Thorp says

    So happy to be working with you all. The sisters were such good teachers and mentors to me when I was in high school that it’s a pleasure to give a little something back.

    Also, let it be known that I wasn’t just scattering the diapers around the room. I was placing them back on the shelf with the clean ones where they belonged. It made perfect sense to me.

  3. Evelyn Mason says

    I am very interested in the white paper (although I’m not sure what it is, I figure I need it as I am homeschoolling a high schooler for the first time in the fall). I look forward to it magically appearing in my in-box. Thank you. And thank you for being there. As I am facing the hurdle of navigating my daugher (and her siblings eventually) through high school, I am finding 7Sisters to be part of the answer to my fervent cry to the Lord for help.

    • says

      What a coincidence Evelyn, you are a part of the answer to our prayer to the Lord.

      We said, OK Lord, what next? He said, go forth, share, and encourage!

      So beautiful when we come together for our good and His glory!

      Looking forward to encouraging you, your lovely family and many other families like yours…

  4. says

    So glad Vicki has put this all together for us. I can remember lots of tears and trepidation in both my daughter and me as we approached the high school years. I can tell you all from personal experience, these resources are invaluable!

    One of my favorite things about Kyle is how has grown and blossomed into a young man who is as confident as he is competent. Watching him has been very encouraging to me.

  5. Sara Hayes says

    So happy to have Kyle join the team! Besides being a “perseverant dude”, he’s also thorough, meticulous, and a hard worker!

    But, Kyle, um…about dirty diapers…. :)

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