9 Replies to “Excerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western World”

  1. Do you think it would be too much to combine this text with Mapping the World with Art by Ellen McHenry to get some world Geography in, too. I’m wanting to find a World History curriculum to use with my 8th grader that will count as high school credit, but we want to study Geography alongside it.

    • Greetings, Andrea,

      That is an intriguing idea! This might be a good idea for an advanced 8th grader. However, our History and Philosophy of the Western World is a course that requires some critical thinking and writing, so make sure your child is ready for that. The Mapping text looks interesting but it appears there will be a fair amount of work, too. With both courses together, it would be a lot, unless your 8th grader is really into it. If not, you can certainly put it off for a year or two. It would be inspiring at the right time.

  2. So this counts as a World History course AND a Philosphy course? If so, could I reflect 2 separate credits on his transcripts? Or just one or the other? Thanks!

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