5 Tips for Recording Credits on Your Homeschool Transcript



I have been serving my local homeschool community for 17 years as high school academic advisor. Here are 5 tips I share with our local homeschoolers:

All of life is education- and all of homeschooling is education. How do you capture your rich education on a transcript?

My son (left) and his friends working on 7 Sisters Lit Guides together for their Lit group class

My son (left) and his friends working on 7 Sisters Lit Guides together for their Lit group class

1. Choose your method of instruction

-Completed textbook with appropriate activities

This is a common way to instruct core classes like math

-Logged Carnegie hours (varies by state: 120-135 hours of educational experience).

This is a good way to document non-core courses like phys ed, music lessons, career exploration, technology

Follow a syllabus

For complex courses like Language Arts that require reading literature, writing assignments, grammar, vocabulary and speaking (with accompanying worktexts), this is an effective way to document courses

This is also the common method of organization for group or college classes

2. Maintain your evidence of instruction in a portfolio

Career Exploration: Recording Industry experiences- log hours

Career Exploration: Recording Industry experiences- log hours

Always good for backup if you ever need it

3. Record each completed course on the transcript along with amount of credit and final course grade


4. Note the level the course at which the course was taught

For instance: remedial, average high school, college prep, advanced, honors (or AP- note, AP can only be documented if it is not a College Board approved AP course)

5. Add a key to the transcript to explain how levels are determined and basis for grades

For instance:

Level 1 Remedial (not high school level, appropriate for learning disabilities but not for college admission)

Level 2 Average High School (average curriculum, a few Level 2 courses won’t keep a homeschooler out of many colleges)

Level 3 College Prep (replicates the difficulty level of college courses, our homeschool umbrella accepts 135 + an extra 34 hours educational experience). CP usually applies to core courses.

Log those hours for phys ed

Log those hours for phys ed

Level 4 Advanced (more rigor than college prep, our homeschool umbrella accepts 135+68 hours educational experience). Advanced usually applies to core courses.

Level 5 Honors (very rigorous, our umbrella school requires 2 full CP curricula completed on that subject or 135+135 hours educational experience). Again, usually applies to core courses.

Click here for more info on Levels

Basis for grades- you choose. Here are the guidelines for our umbrella school:



92-100 A

80-91 B

70-79 C

Below C requires repeating course

Speaking of Career Exploration, a good way to start logging hours is spending a little time working on our FREE Introduction to Career Exploration (Questionnaire) and the user-friendly Career Exploration Workbook. Download them both today!Career Exploration




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