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High School American Literature 1: Uncomfortable Ideas

Considering teaching American Literature in your high school this year? While American authors have a reputation for being downers, I found these titles to be full of great ideas for worthwhile discussion. High School American Lit

High School American Literature

Homeschoolers know that a High School English curriculum should include American Literature (ideally using good study guides that enrich the reading but never kill the story with busywork). Unfortunately, many of the titles by famous American authors are known for being depressing, godless, and sometimes truly offensive. The good news is, I found while teaching American Lit. to my high school junior this year that there are some really terrific choices for our book list, and this series of posts will share some of our favorites with you. Here was my dilemma as I prepared a curriculum for High School American Literature:

How could I be truthful in teaching my son,

refusing to whitewash the harsh realities of our nation’s troubled reality (past and present) as presented in works of great literature

WITHOUT wallowing in a series of depressing, godless, and offensive books?