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Graduation Party Part 4: How to Make Graduation Announcements or Invitations

Oh, this part is SOOOO easy. Graduation announcements are fun to make.Graduation Party How-to's Part 4: Announcements or Invitations

When my oldest graduated from homeschooling back in the ancient days, we went to a printer and spent mucho bucks on formal announcements with 2 envelopes and name card. We tucked his senior picture in the envelope. They were nice in a formal sort of way. Or ugly in a formal sort of way…

These days, the local homeschoolers have been doing one of 3 things:

1. Inventing their own handcrafted card.

2. Purchasing an announcement card kit at an office supply or craft store.

3. Taking their senior picture, along with the necessary information about graduation to Walmart or the local pharmacy or Vistaprint and creating a postcard (Christmas photo-card style).

There is no rule about what you put in announcements but here is what…