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Homeschool Fun for High School pt. 3 - Consumer Math Games

Paying bills in real life is not a lot of fun. But practicing the skills you will need to pay real bills later can be a lot of fun for high school students.

Our homeschool co-op has been tackling Consumer Math and Economics this year, and we used Alpha-Omega LifePacs and PaceMaker Economics (Globe Fearon) for the foundation of our curriculum, but some of the best learning has actually happened during the supplemental game playing we added to keep the class fun.

There are lots of online resources to help teens learn about money management, and these are some sites you might want to check out for supplementing your curriculum:

Practical Money Skills for Life – Financial Literacy for Everyone has articles, games, different types of calculators and videos among their free resources. is the online business of Reading High School in Ohio. The “For Students” tab there has lots of simulation games to try. The “For Teachers” tab has free lesson plans, plus links to more games and resources.

Old fashioned board games and online simulators make Consumer Math FUN for teensIn addition to online resources, we played old-school board games like Life and Monopoly immediately after learning about the financial literacy concepts that show up in those games. We also laughed really, really hard! When my son Jonah offered to “help out” another player by “adopting” his kid (he bought him!) in a game of Life, it became one of the greatest running gags of our co-op year. Whenever Connor does something wonderful …


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