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Homeschool Curriculum You Can Trust -- with NO Busywork!

Our own kids (and the kids in our classes over 20+years) have found that 7Sisters homeschool curriculum is AWESOME because of:

1. The conversational tone and friendly style of instruction.

Material is not presented in an overly serious manner and does NOT include busywork.

2. The Christian worldview of the etexts and guides.

This is especially important in subjects like Psychology, Human Development, and Philosophy. Teens’ formative thinking is invested in curriculum that enhances their faith.

3. No time wasted with over-teaching.

Our kids got GREAT education and still had TIME to develop the other things a transcript needs (the arts, athletics, service, extra-curriculars, competitions.)

4. The easy level-ability.

Many colleges are requiring the “academic level” for each core class on the transcript. Each 7Sisters guide or text includes EASY ways to tweak the level of material to fit the needs of your high schooler’s transcript.

5. The flexibility for use in independent study or a co-op or class setting.

The curriculum works flexibly with students at various grade levels across high school, so homeschool co-ops can really enjoy using it without the teacher doing a lot of adapting.

How were these resources developed? Among all of us at 7SistersHomeschool, we’ve homeschooled 26 children through graduation and taught hundreds of others in co-ops and group classes over the past 20+ years.

Sometimes we found that the available homeschool curriculum options were a poor fit for our kids OR were full of busywork. Out of our particular expertise and areas of interest and passion we developed curricula that have been the RIGHT fit for our homeschooling high schoolers’ educational and time-stewardship needs…